Sunday, 10 April 2011

French Macaroons.....

French Macaroons for an English afternoon tea....
French macaroons are little clouds of delightful crispy, chewy, sweet loveliness but for me, they proved to be finicky, frustrating little puddles of runny goo that ended up in the dustbin, until I found the perfect recipe at The Pink Whisk.

Trust me, this is the only recipe I’ve found that works, Ruth is a genius, although she’s right about the ear defenders, having the food processor and the mixer going at once is a little deafening  but the results are worth it.
So,  here’s are a few pics of the batch I made up at the weekend, light pink macaroons  filled with strawberry butter cream and some dusted with pink sprinkles, the perfect accompaniment to a cup of Earl Grey tea on a Sunday afternoon al fresco, and also a couple of picture of some bright pink ones filled with chocolate ganache which i made a few weeks back...

So, for the Perfect Macaroons check out this recipe at The Pink Whisk 

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  1. This dessert is super!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.