Monday, 20 January 2014

Skinny Sunday Sundae

Raspberry & Banana Skinny Sunday Sundae

Well, 2014 and already nearly the end of January, where does the time go? 
January is that time of year when we are all trying to be ‘good’, so here’s a tasty but almost saintly little treat I made last Sunday and another yesterday so it only seems right to call it a Skinny Sunday Sundae....
It only take a few minutes and a few ingredients and is super versatile,

0% fat Greek Yoghurt or Quark if you can find it.
Fat Free flavoured yoghurt
Low Calorie Hot Chocolate sachet  e.g Options
Sugar free jelly (make your own or buy it ready made)
Fresh fruit of your choice
Mini marshmallows, mini meringues(crushed) and a chopped up cereal bar.

In a tall glass layer up fat free Greek yoghurt mixed with a fat free flavoured yoghurt, sugar free jelly, fresh fruit, fat free Greek yoghurt mixed with the hot chocolate sachet, crushed mini meringues, a chopped up cereal bar and some mini marshmallows.

Chocolate & Orange Skinny Sunday Sundae (excuse the terrible lighting)

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  1. Hi I tried your recipe for skinny sundae, which my daughter loved as she has turned into the food police since she has been keen to keep to a more healthy diet ... we all loved the Raspberry and Banana. Thanks for a lovely low fat pudding which is delicious too. Kim x