Monday, 19 August 2013

Cherry Conserve

I was lucky enough recently to visit a local cherry farm, it was fascinating and inspiring to see such wonders growing on your doorstep, cherries straight from the tree are quite simply out of this world. They were kind enough to send me away with some free ‘samples’, however, there are only so many fresh cherries you can eat so to use up the ‘leftovers’ I made a nice healthy batch of cherry conserve, I’ve labelled it as quick, which it is once you’ve pitted all your cherries – this is rather time consuming, but with some good music in the background the time will whizz by!

Quick Cherry Conserve

1kg pitted and halved fresh cherries

500g jam sugar

1 x cinnamon stick

100ml water

Glug of kirsch or cherry brandy or brandy or some form of booze!!

Put cherries, water & cinnamon in saucepan and simmer till softened, about 15-20mins.

Add sugar & booze, simmer until softly set – to check, drop a little onto a cold plate and give it a little nudge with your finger, if it wrinkles it’s done!

Spoon into clean, dry jars. Keep in fridge once opened.

Great for pie filling, tart topping, frangipane bases, ice cream topping, Eaton mess get the picture!! I used some of mine in a franginpane tart with more cherries, raspberries & blackcurrants which was rather lovely!

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